Organizational Performance

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast...
— Peter Drucker

Organizational performance is determined by its culture and the dynamic network of conversations that comprise it. We understand that the real challenge is all about people. Leaders partner with the Lustig Group to create cultures that call forth breakthrough performance.

We work with you to shift your approach,

Reacting and coping, gaining more knowledge and merely applying the methods that have worked in other places,

A generative approach based in language and communication, that allows you to design new futures and fuel breakthrough performance.

When working with the Lustig Group you can expect:

  • New levels of communication and collaboration
  • People generating new or out-of-the-box thinking
  • Increased flexibility and faster execution
  • Individual accountability that is meaningful and relevant to your company’s future
  • Individuals at all levels growing and demonstrating bold, passionate leadership
  • Aligned action that is in synch with your strategy
  • Elevated individual and team productivity

"With the knowledgeable and personalized guidance you provided, our Medical Center’s new leaders became a coalescent management team faster and more effectively than any of us imagined. You are business smart and people smart, savvy and empathic. Your enthusiasm and commitment to us was evident from the start of the engagement, and never waned. Thanks in significant part to your work with us, we are a large and very complex organization that went through a profound leadership change without missing a beat."

David Kerns, M.D.  
Former Chief Medical Officer
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

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