Leadership + Management Development

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Leadership is required when your organization is faced with a challenge, problem or opportunity that can not be deal with inside of your existing structures or systems.

Leadership is not only a talent, it is a precious commodity for which there is no substitute. It’s the element most likely to determine your organization’s success.

WHAT IS Leadership?

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of books on the subject of leadership, we still find it difficult to define. Most have a hard time moving beyond the “You’re either a born leader or you’re out of luck” mentality. And very few of us are able to be consistent and effective in developing our own leadership skills, let alone those of others.

We’ve invented an approach that resolves this challenge.

Our definition of leadership starts with knowing that leadership effectiveness is always measured by the quality of our results. In our Leadership Coaching & Workshops we focus on intentionally designing outcomes and causing new futures … that were not just going to happen anyway.


The problem with Leadership Development…

is that it rarely works.  

Most leadership programs talk about leadership and study effective examples of it that have occurred in the past. They fail to provide a direct and sustainable pathway to effective growth and development.

We focus on :

1. Having you experience the ontological shift (personal transformation) required to go beyond your current capabilities into the realm of  being an extraordinary leader

2. Giving you access to controls for what it takes to exercise leadership effectively anywhere and in any situation


We answer the question “what is leadership?”...

in a way that leaves you with your arms around the “being” of a leader and the effective exercise of leadership.

Doing what effective leaders do comes from being a leader – not from a mere knowledge about what leaders do, or trying to emulate their characteristics, and certainly not from merely being in a leadership position, or position of authority.

Breakthrough performance requires real leadership.

Using our time tested proprietary methodology which includes: Assessment, Education and Coaching we give you access to new ways of being and operating that allow your power and effectiveness as a leader to naturally emerge.

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