Breakthrough Productivity

‘Point of view’ is that quintessentially human solution to information overload, an intuitive process of reducing things to an essential relevant and manageable minimum. In a world of hyperabundant content, point of view will become the scarcest of resources.
— Paul Saffo, Futurist

beyond time management...

Our approach to work and time management provides a dramatic increase in productivity and effectiveness while reducing your stress.


Life is faster and more complex today than it was yesterday. And it does not look like things are slowing down any time soon.

Working today is tougher. We are deluged with information, challenged by impossible deadlines and overwhelmed by spiraling expectations.

No matter how well organized we are, we simply can’t get it all done.

Tools that were developed more than 40 years ago – are simply insufficient for the demands of today’s work environment. Where do the old techniques go wrong? They tell us that productivity is about getting more done. But this leaves us trying to get caught up and hoping the latest technological gadget will make some difference. In reality, we just get farther and farther behind.

We give you a new system for dealing with everything – immediately making you more productive..

In our workshops and consulting programs you learn that you developed work habits unconsciously over time – as a strategy to deal with everything coming at you. You will see how these familiar and established work habits are actually obstacles to your productivity.

We then work with you to build new habits for dealing with all of the demands, task, activities, interruptions, problems and opportunities that come at you day after day.

We give you an entirely new way of thinking about, organizing and managing your work and your life.

The system is comprised of 6 New Tools with accompanying work practices. The approach enables you to focus on what is in front of you – and bring all of your intelligence, creativity and natural ability to bear on your work.

On average, people who have completed our productivity workshops report that they are

Saving or “recovering” 4.5 hours per week. In a workgroup of 50 people this equates to 225 hours per week. The equivalent cost savings of more than 5 full time employees.

Not being busy can feel even worse. So we keep working harder and longer hours.

Often we have the nagging feeling that we are not getting to all that we should, all that we would like, and not even getting to some things that are of critical importance. We are left with the question, “Am I doing the right things?”

In the face of all of this, is it even possible to develop the skills to deal with all of it effectively?

Our clients will tell you it absolutely is possible.

Participants from Fortune 500 companies who have completed our Mission Control workshop report:

· “Having too much to do and not enough time to do it” drops by 85%

· “Feeling overwhelmed by all of the things I have to do” drops by 85%

· “Putting aside personal or family time to get the job done” drops by 85%

· “Worrying about things dropping through the cracks” drops by 70%

They also share that they are:

· Generating alignment among different groups in the organization

· Propelling individuals and groups into focused action

· Increasing execution, delivery and results

· Simultaneously reducing stress and increasing work/life balance

Curt Wagnerservice